About Us

Hello !! I am Keerthana, a mom of two boys-a toddler and kindergartner. I am a mommy who gave up my job and chose to be a stay at home mom, to take care of my toddler. Play is what keeps us going, it’s something that creates a beautiful bond between us. We do all kinds a play, our favourite is sensory/messy play. I strongly believe in learning through play. We also cook, clean, eat, play, dance, read – do everything together.

We don’t follow any particular curriculum, we just do whatever works for us – meaning whatever works for Chintu and our family.

The page a_toddler_drama is where I share all that we do which includes simple DIYs and to do at home activities along with some parenting tips. I hold no degree related to early education or parenting, all that I share here is through my personal experience.

Enjoying my journey of motherhood and growing every day as a mother along with my son. I thought I should share my experience in this process. So we are here documenting our lovely journey


Books are the best source of knowledge. Read to and along with your child to experience the magic together.

I have shared my review of the different books that we have read. These are a few collection of books for both kids and parenting.

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Everything begins at home. Generally, there is a fact that a child will reflect the action and words around them – Be wise with it.

Hereby, I have shared bits and pieces of our parenting journey along with some information on basic topics on parenting that might help you.

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Play is all that a child needs and learning begins the moment when your child is let free to play. Let them explore; let them discover; let them experience the joy of playing; let them make memories.

Here are a few simple yet exciting activities that we do at home. Check, try them at home and most importantly enjoy and cherish the moments in your journey of play along with your little one.

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Product Review

All of us get tickled pink when we either buy or receive a new product. I believe that every amazing product is worth an appreciation and so, here are my personal reviews on various products that we tried where there are a few with wonderfully favorable discount codes as well.

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