Activities For Toddlers

Most of the toys (infact every toy) can be used in different ways. Eg: A board puzzle once the child Read more
Let me tell you the story behind this activity. Chintu asked me for ice cubes yesterday - when I told Read more
Some fun and educational activities (step towards practical life skills) can be done at home by anyone, without any pre-planning. Read more
This was a quick activity setup to recall shapes. Sometimes just teaching them shapes directly like asking “ What shape Read more
An activity that is super simple to set up. And it is tricky for the toddler, looks very simple but Read more
PATTERNS USING POPSTICKS Draw the outline of the popsticks on the paper with different colours (colour matching). The toddler gets Read more
What is required ? spaghetti food colour How to make/prepare ? Method 1 : Cook the spaghetti .Drain if there Read more
Sensory bags are absolutely a savior for us . I would say its something that you should give a try. Read more
The Combo of baking soda and vinegar never fails to excite a toddler . Don't you agree with me. Things Read more
A DIY sorting activity to help the child develop pincer grasp. It encourages the child to use their pincer grasp. Read more