I have shared worksheets that we have tried on different days. When you want to give your child some interesting worksheets, which takes very little time to prepare, you can definitely try these – to prepare it take 5-10 minutes maximum


We did this activity on the 17th October,2019

Made this super simple activity for Chintu to recall the concept of “Big & Small” along with some pre-writing skill.

I drew some small & big dots on both sides of the paper in different colours. The activity is to match the same colour big dots to small dots and same colour small dots to the big dots. Hence while drawing make sure you draw accordingly.


Divide the paper into 2 columns, and draw equal number of squares on both sides. Divide each square equally – refer to the image. Things you need:

  • A4 sheet
  • A marker (preferably black)
  • a ruler/scale
  • Colours of your choice

Now you can go with just one colour or use different colours like I did, make a pattern – in the column 1. Let the child refer to the column 1 and replicate the same in column 2.


We did this on the 21st November,2019

Here comes another super simple DIY activity, which take just 10 minutes to prepare and doesn’t require too many things. You just need 2 things

  • Sticky notes
  • A4 sheet ( 2 sheets) or you can go with just one sheet

Draw rows and columns on both the sheets (refer to the image). On one of the sheets use the sticky notes to make some patterns ( do refer to my story/highlights -DIY).

Invite the child to replicate the same sticky notes pattern on the other sheet. That’s it !!

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