Fesitval season is fun in many ways. We had so much fun making this ghost jar,especially with a toddler who wants to do it all by himself.

Things used :

  • lollipop (that’s the ghost’s head.
  • tissue paper
  • glass jar
  • twigs/dry grass/ hay
  • play dough (optional)

How to make?

  • Use the lollipop to make the ghost – cover it with the tissue, use a black marker to draw the eyes of the ghost.
  • Optional : Stick the play dough to the jar lid.
  • Add the twigs into the Jar. Now if using play dough, place the end of the lollipop on the play dough and close the lid, else first place the lollipop slowly into the jar and place the lollipop slowly into the jar, place it where you want it. Close the lid.
  • The Ghost in the jar is done.


All you need is :

  • A piece Cardboard
  • Black paint
  • A pair of scissors
  • One market pen (any colour)
  • googly eyes 
  • White thread 

What to do?

  • Draw a gingerbread man on the cardboard piece. Cut the cardboard out to get the gingerbread man drawn.
  • Paint the gingerbread man Black. Let the paint dry completely
  • Stick the googly eyes on the gingerbread man.
  • Now invite the child to cover the gingerbread man completely using the thread (don’t cover the eyes).

Note : The activity is not as simple as it looks for a child. It was a real task for Chintu- I mean to say it wasn’t an easy piece of cake.

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