Tracing Pattern Using Buttons : Just make some DIY pattern cards, and present it along with some buttons in a bowl to your child. Let the child use the buttons to trace along.

Sorting and Tracing : First let the child sort the buttons from the bowl onto the tray – sorting depends upon the buttons you use, it can be based on the colour, shape, texture, pattern anything – in our case it was sorting buttons based on colour. Once sorted the child can start using the buttons for tracing, on colour at a time; for example : if you start with yellow, trace using only yellow buttons, when done with yellow buttons move onto the next colour.

Pattern and Tracing : Sort the buttons first, then create a pattern using the button as you trace. Refer to the image.

Tracing is an important activity to help the child improve their pre-writing skills – pincer grasp develops, hand eye coordination , fine motor skill. Simple activity with more benefits

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