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Posting Activity :

Pom Poms, coins, straws can be used. You can post them into bottles, make small holes or slit in a cardboard box and use it for posting.

Tape and Rescue :

On a table you can tape small favourite toys and the kid gets to take off the tape and rescue the toy

Matching toys/objects

Use small figurines or small toys, have image printed for all those objects. Now let the child match every object to the respective images/pictures.

Wrapping Puzzle:

Wrap the puzzle pieces in a foil paper / some kind a wrapper so they get to open it and do the puzzle. This is also one of the ways to REUSE PUZZLES.

Finger Painting

This is one of our favourite all time activity. Just give the kid some washable finger paints : let them just explore,mess and do whatever they want to. Add in different materials/tools to make it more interesting for the child. It will add more sensory experience. Some example for different materials/tools : foil sheet, laddles, bubble wrap. Also, do try Flower painting, the texture and sensory effect is lovely.

Sensory play

Perfect play for this age group (intact all ages) – kinetic sand, grains, cloud dough , coloured rice/pasta/ noodles,muddy water, ice cubes.

Hammering Activity

Examples: (1) freeze small toys in the ice cubes and let them hammer the ice cubes to rescue the toy. (2) Use golf tees, and let the child hammer the golf tees on a carboard box or on a piece of thermacol.

Fine motor activities

Use straws or pipe cleaner, insert them into containers that has small holes. Containers can be replaced with paper cups/paper plates. Simple fine motor activities in detail here.

Treasure in a box

Treasure in a box is a super fun activity. You can hide a few toys in a cardboard box and close it completely. Then make a small opening on the top big enough for the kids hand to get through and let the kids find everything inside the box.

Basic Concepts

Sorting activities , introduce colours, shapes, basic puzzles, body parts – do simple activites, make it fun for the child.

Edible playdough

Roll, punch, poke , tap explore and let the child’s imagination grow


Most important, make it interesting for the child , make it a routine, let conversations grows, act , there is so much you can do with books. And 2 Important things you need to know.

For some fun activities for one year old, this might help.

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