Just grab some paper (if possible from a paper roll) , tape (washi tape), scissors, sticky notes, pen – simple things that are found in almost every house right.

Now roll out the paper, tape it on the wall (refer image) , write down your child’s name – leaving in some blanks for the child to fill in to complete his/her name. I started with one blank, then two and three – since this was our first time I stopped with three, as we do this activity in the future we’ll have more blanks.

Write down the letters to fill in the blanks on the sticky note, stick them below or in the side – whatever is comfortable.

Also do write the child’s complete name on another paper – this is for the child to refer to. That’s it and it’s set for play. This is such a lovely activity to help the child with his/her name.

Inspired from @busytoddler

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