Chintu has been missing all his puzzles – he so badly wanted to do a puzzle this morning- hence a quick DIY puzzle.

What to do ? Just pick a paper, we used an A4 sheet and paint complete (refer the image). I will suggest you to use a cardstock paper, which is more steady and easier to handle.


What to do next ? Depending on your child you can make the puzzle challenging.

  • For 18+ months : just divide the entire painting into equal halves- make sure the pieces are big enough and the colours got to be abstract (no mixing), start with primary colours.
  • For 2.5+ years : Cut out the paper randomly or in a proper pattern (it’s your choice), pieces got to be medium sized. And about colours – it’s absolutely your choice, depends upon the level of challenge you want to give you child (Use a combination of mixed colours and abstract colours).
  • For kids 4+ years: Cut the painting into smaller pieces, compared to the previous on, the number of pieces will be more. Cut randomly, doesn’t have to be in any particular shape. When you cut randomly, the level of difficulty will be slightly on the higher end.

Now invite the child to solve the puzzle. Chintu was super happy and satisfied.

Note : it is definitely not as simple as it looks, it is a real challenge for the child, just set it right based on your child.

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