Image 1 (below) is the actual output of this weaving activity, refer to the Image 2 (below), which is the output of what my son did during is first few attempts. He got confused and was weaving only on one side, was not doing it alternatively. He is still a little confused but managed to get it right after a lot of trail and error (process of learning).

Explain to the child, help only when asked for and then don’t interrupt as it will confuse the child, hold yourself back, as once the child is done he will analyse all by himself if the outcome is right or not. Never tell the child that he is doing it the wrong way, let him observe, you may offer help my asking simple questions to help him relate to him work.

Things that is required :

  • Cardstock paper (cut into a fish shape)
  • felt sheets (cut into strips)
  • Googly eyes – along with scissor and glue.

What to do ? Once the fish is cut out from the paper, draw horizontal lines of equal length and with equal space between each of them along the body of the fish. And it’s ready for weaving. Cut some thin long enough strips of felt sheets – colours of your choice.

You can used coloured paper in the place of felt sheets, I used felt sheets as it would be easier for my son to use it , and it will last a little longer. Coloured paper needs to be handled with care.

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