DOT STICKERS : for beginners (small guidance)

The best thing about these dot stickers is that it can be adapted according to the age of the child by adjusting the level of difficulty.

Activities related to dot stickers are a great saviour, you can use these dot sticker activities as a • calming down activity • travel activity • At restaurants • Hospital visits

For beginners : If you are just going to start activities with dot stickers then

  • Activity 1 : Just draw straight line in a paper and ask the child to stick the dot stickers on the line. Initially the kid will try to remove/peel the stickers correctly and then to hold it the right way to stick).
  • Activity 2 : You can draw dots with different colours (depending on the colours of dot stickers you have), and ask the child to match the stickers to the colours drawn.
  • Activity 3 : You can draw different lines and stick different stickers besides the line, ask the child to sort and stick the dot stickers (like the one in the image)
  • Activity 4 : Draw lines with different patterns (straight line, Curve) like the one in the image and use the dot stickers
  • Activity 5 : As the child motor skill improves, you can try this (refer image)

Dot stickers works on the children’s finger muscles beautifully, develops hand-eye coordination, concentration, fine motor skills, mess free and so much. Dot stickers are absolutely loved.

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