I couldn’t wait to share this activity with you guys, I am super excited about this, we had a crazy time this morning.

Mirror is something kids are so connected to right from when they are babies. Oh !! Not just kids even we adults are right.

Chintu has been showing a lot of interest in drawing different types/kinds of faces now. Just to add more fun to his interest, I came up with this “draw on a Mirror”.

I also drew 4 different faces with just the lips being different on 4 different pieces of paper , for older kids you can draw different types of eyes and more.

All you need is :

  • A mirror (the corners should not be sharp)
  • white board marker/window markers
  • dry cloth or duster

Chintu was suppose to draw a face and try make an expression based on the face drawn looking at the Mirror – for example : a smiling face , then he has to smile : sad face , then he needs to have a sad face. Trust me this is so much fun, he even tiring fitting his face to the image he drew. Such funny expressions we did, yes I certainly did make expressions along with him. Our morning was filled with laughter.

Getting back to the point, Based on his interest I chose to do faces , you can simply give it to the child to draw whatever they feel like – we do even that.

Also if you have an option you can draw on any mirror that’s at home or you can hang a mirror on the wall for the child to draw.

This activity also helped him in understanding more about feelings and the kind a expressions. And it’s very important for a child to know and understand what they are feeling right.

Does this activity sound interesting. Do try and share in your moments with us. Looks very simple, but you will be surprised to see the interest in the child and more.

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