A super simple DIY activity for number recognition – it just takes you 10 minutes to set this up.

What is needed for this DIY ?

  • A piece of paper
  • Cotton pads
  • Marker / Pen
  • Glue

What to do ? Very simple , write numbers randomly on the paper having some good spacing between each, so you can stick the cotton pads on top of each number. Once written use the glue to stick the cotton pads. And this is set.

Now bring some water in a glass along with a dropper. Place the paper on the tray to hold on the extra water.

How to play ? Invite your child to use the dropper – to take some water, and start dropping the water slowly on each cotton pad to discover the underlying numbers. The child will be surprised to identify a number being discovered everytime the water drops on the cotton pads. A fun activity for number recognition, can do the same with shapes, alphabets, colour with anything similar to the child’s learning.

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