I’m not an expert in Montessori method, I hold no degree related to Montessori. But the one thing I like in the Montessori method is that many of the practical life work can be done in real life situations by the kids .

When it comes to dry pouring • start with bigger things (dried beans, big beads or buttons, chana) • then gradually use smaller things ( rice, dal, small beads/buttons,green gram) • then even smaller as salt or sand.

Use a flat tray with edges to catch any off the falling items while pouring, easier to clean and less mess.

Variations that you can offer : • Easier – use larger and less items • Harder – use smaller and more items

This activity is the beginning of dry pouring, later you can add more containers, different types of containers. Dry pouring is an activity that you can start before liquid pouring. This activity helps in increasing concentration and coordination.

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