Have you ever wondered how the simplest of things get the most attention from the babies and toddlers.

These little humans never fail to surprise us. Today I just kept a black paper (you can use any coloured paper of your choice) along with some ear buds in the cup on the table. That’s all nothing more at all. It took me less than 5 minutes to set this activity.

At first Chintu did not get to notice the table, he was busy with something else. And then when he did , I was actually in doubt if it would interest him or not. He walked to the table and said “Amma new activity “, and I said “Yes”, a little doubtfully.

Oh !! He dint care after that, got back to some pretend play. After a few minutes I found him at the table , fully focused and trust me I was scared to interrupt.

He did so much with that setup afterwards, we had some amazing conversation, he played for 30+ minutes.

This setup is just perfect for invitation to create – an opportunity for Chintu to shower in some creativity.

You guys must give it a try, it was a super duper hit for us, which I least expected.

Idea courtesy : Mr.Husband

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