Sensory bags are absolutely a savior for us . I would say its something that you should give a try. This sensory bag that we did is with an intention to focus on the child’s fine motor skills.

Here is how we made this DIY SENSORY BAG :

Things you need :

  • zip lock cover
  • paper
  • baby oil
  • green grams can be replaced with Pom Poms or any other grains, buttons
  • sketch to draw

Instructions :

  • Cut the paper to fit into the ziplock cover. Do this only if necessary. 
  • Sketch the dragon on the paper, we choose to do a dragon, you can draw a bird or a monster, anything of your choice.
  • Place the paper inside the ziplock cover, add in some green gram (whatever you have chosen) and a small cup of baby oil. When you add too much oil it will mess the whole thing.
  • Seal the cover and tape it down on the floor or a table. Seal on all sides.

And its ready for play.

It takes you around 5 to 10 minutes to set this activity up. Make sure to seal the zip lock cover really well, to avoid mess and to make it safer for the baby/toddler.

Also, this activity is of great help to moms who don’t like messy play, but wanting to do some sensory play with their toddlers.

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