For a 2 or 3 year old it is very tricky to verbalise their feelings. So I thought it is important to help Chintu to know the kind of feeling that he is going through, because sometimes even if we are gentle parents it’s really hard to calm down.

Doing some activities related to feelings/emotions helps them verbalise some big feelings. Becomes easier during a big melt down.

What we did today ? PRETEND – we pretended to be the monkey with different emotions.

Used the monkey cards, told the feelings and acted it out. Simple game , told Chintu that both of us are monkeys (Chintu and me) and then went on stating “Monkeys are happy”- I acted it out, then we tried to do happy monkey on the puzzle and even asked him to imitate the monkey.

The same was done with different emotions, he had fun watching me pretend like a monkey initially, then he started enjoying more by pretending to be the monkey himself.

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