To begin with the child first should be able to orally say numbers starting from 1-10. Then you need to make sure that you “Show and tell” numbers to your child – you can use flashcards, black/white board, or just simply write numbers on paper and tell the child. After doing this a few times you can start doing some simple number recognition activities. For example :

  • draw the numbers on the floor or on a paper (each paper should have different numbers) – call out the number and the child has to jump onto the number
  • find and match the number (refer the image)
  • find and erase/circle (on paper or white/black board)
  • write numbers on different balloons – call out the number,find and pop it.
  • tracing number activities
  • egg smash – write numbers on egg shells, identify and hammer the egg shell

These are just very few examples, there are so many ways in which number recognition activities can be done.

Most importantly make it a part of your daily life, it need not be something that has to be done only during activity time – practice , but how? Point out to numbers where ever you find it – car number plates, house door numbers, on the street, landline phone, on bills just about anywhere. Also involve numbers while you talk : For example : Can you bring 2 spoons, can you pour 3 glasses of water.

Practice and it makes a difference. Make learning fun, incorporate learning into daily lives.

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