This was a quick activity setup to recall shapes. Sometimes just teaching them shapes directly like asking “ What shape is this?” Or telling “ This is square” might be boring to the toddler.

When your toddler gets bored or doesn’t show any interest in something try doing it differently.

I drew a man on a white chart. On the man I drew a few basic shapes that Chintu is already aware of. Drew the same shapes on the band-aid. Thats it, it’s ready for play.

Identifying the shapes on the man and the band-aid : before sticking is the first step – task is to match the shape.

Hand  eye coordination develops : to stick the bandaid excatly on the shape drawn on the man was a little tricky for Chintu. He had to really focus. Chintu also found some difficulty to hold the band-aid correctly before sticking – in handling the bandaid.

Pretend play: Some pretend play was also involved. Chintu later pretended to treat the man with bandaids. Lots of imagination and communication was involved. We discussed a few basic things related to the doctor.

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