Newspaper art for kids

Newspaper art as a bookish play . We have been reading this book called “What are Germs? – Usborne” for a while now. For the book review CLICK HERE

Today we decided to go with a fun bookish play, with this book that Chintu has been enjoying. We made these super cute germs using newspapers.

Things required :

  • newspaper
  • water colours
  • a marker
  • stapler (you can also use a thread and needle – to sew)
  • More paper – cut paper into small pieces 

How is this newspaper art done?

  1. Draw your desired shapes on the newspaper, its your choice, so here for us its germs. We drew some germs referring to our book (Flu,cold,chicken pox,tummy bugs,infections…) – make two of each shape that your doing.
  2. Staple the corners, let one end free for you to proceed with the net step.
  3. Now through the free end, fill the shape with pieces of paper.
  4. Once done with the filling, staple the free end. 
  5. Start painting.

Adding pieces of paper as filling gives the shape a puffy feel. This adds more fun to the art work. We later used these germs for pretend play.

You can buy the book here.

newspaper art, bookish art

This fabulous idea of using the newspaper is inspired by @mbsactivityroom

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