Simple activity yet an absolute must do activity for toddlers. This activity is for practical skill development – a perfect fine motor activity. Don’t really have to invest in anything for this activity

I just gave Chintu the nuts and bolts with no explanation. I wanted him to experiment this simple activity on his own and so did he.

Twisting and turning each of the objects is great for those smaller muscles in the hand, which of course helps with other activities such as writing.

Initially he got it wrong, found the wrong nuts for the bolts, it either won’t fit into the bolt or it would slide down, he quickly got the hang of it and found the pair for each. The longer bolts require alot of turning of the nuts to get to the bottom of the bolt, sometimes he got impatient and did only half way through which is totally fine.

He kept coming back to this activity , he personally likes screwing and unscrewing things.

Use different sizes of nuts and bolts, so the child gets to

  • screw and unscrew
  • Find the bolt that fits the nut .
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