When the child has found to have special interest in discussing/talking about a particular topic, dive in immediately to grab the opportunity to given in more information on the same and help them learn a little more.

That’s what I did today, for the past few days I’ve noticed Chintu volunteering to talk about flowers, it all started in the Pooja room – we have flowers offered for God in there and questions started coming in very frequently.

What I did/What was on the tray? On a tray I had displayed a flower along with 3-part cards, magnifying glass, tweezers and scissors (optional). I dint have to do much; he was in it already.

What did we do? I guided him through it whenever required, and the hands-on session today was a hit. We used the Montessori 3-part cards as reference cards. He used a tweezer to work on the flower; did one part at a time, referring to the card and the flower he was able to analyse better.

Magnifying glass, should I even say about it, it just adds in more fun and love to the learning, especially when it comes to nature study.

Once we were done, my boy wanted to make a sensory bin – flower soup, and so we did. This added an extension to our learning, while making this flower soup – as he dropped in each part of the flower into the water, he called out its name. And it’s a win-win situation, his love of water play something that never fades along with his current interest, it was just perfect.

The 3-part card is from

To know how to use 3-part cards, click on the given link :

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