PHASES OF THE MOON : DIY MOON using 2 ingredients from your kitchen

Here at our native we have a perfect view to see the moon everyday. Sitting back at staring at the sky is one favourite thing to do. Well in Chennai our chances were minimal, we don’t have a comfortable view of the Moon.

Using the opportunity that we have now, we made sure to observe the Moon every day – the complete cycle. And then we did this simple activity to introduce the names of various phases of the moon.

Our Activity :

What we used?

  • Dosa
  • Tea dust
  • printables from “123 Homeschool 4 me”

What we did?

  • Pour out the dosa batter on the tawa (shape : circle)
  • Use tea dust to design the phases of the moon. 
  • Cook only on one side – don’t flip over after  using the tea dust
  • Spread all the phases of the moon that you made on a foil sheet.
  • Give the child the printables of the phases of the moon- let the child do the rest

What Chintu did? First he identified the object (The Moon) and matched it to the picture (the printables). Then, we worked on the names of the phases. Later, worked on the order of the phases.

Had plans of using Chocolate syrup instead of tea dust, it wasn’t available at home, hence went for this option. Chocolate will make it easier for you to design, the only problem is that the child will lick it all.

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