Two weeks back I put this particular picture in our Montessori shelf. I wanted the picture to stay there for a while to see what Chintu has to say about the picture – everytime he takes it out. In this post I will want to share our progress through this picture talk.

First time when the picture was out, he was hesitant, I realised he needed a small lead hence I took the lead. I started to talk about the picture and then he continued.

Each time the picture came out, he spoke about different things, he started to notice different things, he started to look at the picture differently. You would be surprised to know how much a kid gets to observe.

Picture Talk helped in :

  • developing vocabulary
  • gain confidence
  • improve observation
  • learn new things (there is so much you can talk about the picture) – in our case few things that we spoke about is the animal, the expressions on the animals & kids, where they are, the kids in the zoo, what is a zoo lots and lots
  • Learning about expressions and emotions

A very simple thing, when an object is given, each one of us look at it in a different way, when asked to talk about it we talk different things, we don’t think the same way- it’s the same with the kids – each kid is different and when it comes to this picture talk – the same kids will start thinking, expressing and talking in different ways.

Try it and you will know what I mean. (Our picture is from @getclassmonitor , you can use any picture)

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