The changing weather has got us (Chintu & me) sick. He happens to be better today, but not me. I wanted to set an activity that can be setup quickly and an activity that will keep him busy for a little longer with minimal mess – to my rescue comes the sensory bin idea and @getclassmonitor worksheet.

Why I choose to do it this way ? Sensory play always keeps him occupied a little longer – always go with your child’s interest. Usually I would have opted for water play or more of a messy play which is sure to keep him busy for minimum an hour. Since both of us are unwell came up with this idea – he gets to play with the pasta longer.

Why sensory bin? Chintu has more love for sensory/messy play – so I thought of a sensory bin.

Why counting activity? Right now most of his focus/interest is on counting, so this worksheet combined with the sensory bin and fine motor tools for an extra challenge.

Don’t compare your child’s learning with other kids, every kid’s interest vary, go by their interest and you will be more successful. Forcing a child to learn or do something will not do good.

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