Activity 1:

A very very simple activity with much benefits. I have used pipe cleaners and this random container (I don’t know what that is called). You need something like a box, plate or a vessel with small holes in it. Instead of pipe cleaners you can also replace it with straws. So the main idea is to put the straws/pipe cleaners in/through the holes.

Hand and eye coordination is important in this activity – as the toddler practices it develops. It looks very simple but the toddler needs to put in some effort initially (activity for age group 15+ months) later on they become really good at it. I’ve done a similar activity like this with straws and box, also with pipe cleaners and paper plates.

Activity 2:

Pegs and a piece of cardboard is all you need. This boy of mine started showing his interest on pegs when he was around 16 months old. At that point of time he was treating it as a toy, he was playing different other games with it- like sorting, hiding pegs and finding them – simple activities like that.

Not letting his interest fade away I slowly helped him out with the usage of the pegs. Initially it was both of us doing it together, I had to help him a little – what kind a help ? Either I had to hold the cardboard for him, or had to help him with the peg (to press and open the peg). You can replace the cardboard with a container (a thin rim). Slowly Chintu got independent.

When the child is interested in something they find their own ways to explore. In this case, that is when the child is interested in the pegs- they might pin it on curtains, on their clothes, on yours, on tumblers and so on. Gradually, they move on to the clothes line, let them start with small clothes like socks, their clothes.

Activity 3 :

I planned this activity for letting Chintu (my toddler) to experience the texture – the stickiness of the glue. Something that he has never experimented on earlier. I gave him white school glue and coloured paper which I randomly cut into different pieces (different sizes and shapes). You can also cut them into specific shapes but I wanted his focus to be more on applying the glue and sticking the paper pieces.

The planned activity was glue and stick but my toddler did something more – glue,stick and tear – he infact experimented to see if the paper pieces fall apart on their own when tilted . The usage of glue was understood

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