SORTING AND PINCER GRASP – prewriting skills


A DIY sorting activity to help the child develop pincer grasp. It encourages the child to use their pincer grasp.

The importance of PINCER GRASP development as a pre-writing skill is very high. This is one activity that is easy to set up. And SORTING is the most important basic, every child does it naturally, all you have to do is give them the right environment, and let them do it.

Like I always say kitchen has the best play items / accessories / tools or just say almost everything in kitchen can be a toy. Trust me when you are in doubt or having a hard time in setting up an activity, all you need to do is walk into the kitchen/pantry, and you will get an idea, something to spark up your child’s mood.

This is one such activity I setup but the actual plan was to use a tweezer – my baby had other plans , all for good. He wanted to use his hands/fingers.

Pincer grasp/grip is an important milestone in the fine motor development of a child. Important skill for the child to gain control when holding small items. The activity from our morning play helps develop great pincer grip.

The baby/toddler needs to be able to hold things using their index finger and thumb – it is a coordination between the two fingers. Starting from picking objects using the two fingers, being able to hold a spoon and feed ourselves, to holding a pen to write, to buttoning clothes we use our pincer grasp.

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