Sound game is one of the earliest game that you can play with your kids while working on phonics.

This game can be played with different age group of kids, initially you get to start with the “beginning sound” , as the child masters you can play the same game with “ending sound” and “middle sound”.

How it’s played ? To begin with – Either I collect some objects from the playroom/anywhere in the house or I ask Chintu to – we collect them into a basket or tray. And yes, before you proceed further make sure that the child identifies the objects on the tray once, because sometimes it so happens that the child calls out the object with a different name and you might say something else. To avoid this confusion you first need to follow this step.

Now you can ask the child “I find something that starts with ‘F’ (pronounce the sound of the letter) on the tray – and the child gets to look for it.

We have been playing this game for a while now and the best part about this game is that it can be played just anywhere and with different age group of kids.

For example : You can play while waiting for your food at the restaurant  : how ?? – you can say “I spy something that starts with ‘P’ (make sure you say the sound of the letter) – the child gets to look out for it. At home , possibility is endless.

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