Play at the restaurant next time – please read further.

A very simple activity, that doesn’t require any planning, great activity for fine motor development, keeps the kid occupied for minimum of 15 minutes.

When your kid throws a tantrum at the restaurant, I know exactly how it feels – when nothing works to calm them down, try this out it might help.

Check if toothpick is available at the restaurant- if yes, then grab the bottle/empty spice maker and make a small hole big enough for the toothpick to go in (if using a bottle) Try making it yourself or seek help in restaurant kitchen) – your sorted.

Give it to the kid, let them enjoy their play and you can enjoy your food.

I tried doing this when Chintu was around 17 months old, he was busy with this activity until we were done with our meal. Oh yes !! he even refused to stop playing – I had to convince him to stop the activity so we could leave home – Did this activity at home today after a long time.

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