Are you worried that your baby has outgrown to use his favourite baby blanket- don’t be, never too old to use the baby blanket.

Classic Peek-a-boo : Take your favourite blanket and enjoy a timeless classic the way your parents did when you were just a baby. No age limit for this classic game, every enjoys. Make it interesting by mixing it up by making funny faces and sounds and enjoy the symphony of silly giggles.

Toy Peek-a-boo : Hide different toys under the blanket and encourage your little explorer to pull the blanket off to reveal the treasures. This game can evolve as your little grows; start saying the words for colors, numbers, and objects/things, watch the connections the kid develops in real time.

Make a tent : Drape the blanket over a few chairs and create a simple tent. Throw a few pillows/cushions under the blanket , pair it with some dull light and good music, make it cozy-play along.

Pretend play : Kids like treating their dolls as little humans. You can watch you kid use the blanket as a towel, swaddle, blanket for their dolls. Their imagination has no boundary.

Play mat : These blankets play a great role as a play mat, perfect for simple indoor activities.

Stuff it in : You can also show your kid/baby how soft things can change shape. Stuff the blanket into a container, such as a large bowl or basket, and see if the baby is able to coordinate his hands to pull it out.

Go for a ride : Give your baby a ride by making him sit on top of the blanket and let him balance while you pull him gently across the floor.

This baby blanket is from @anmol_baby_carriers , the quality is excellent, the colours are so vibrant and beautiful, Chintu enjoys to snuggle into this blanket- thank you @lifeofrealmoms @anmol_baby_carriers .

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