Off late Chintu has been showing alot of interest in the changing weather, so I thought this will be a perfect time to introduce the concept of weather to him, hence came up with these DIY weather cards.

I just made four simple cards – sunny, rainy, cloudy, thunderstorms and lightning. (Haven’t introduced the concept of snow because he still hasn’t experienced it, I chose the ones that he can experience for now).

Things used to make these DIY cards are :

  • Black thick sheets (you can also use cardstock paper or cardboard)
  • Felt sheets

How we are going to use these cards ? These cards will be kept at place where Chintu can access them easily. He can use these cards to identify the weather when it keeps changes during this monsoon season.

I personally feel this Monsoon season is just perfect to introduce the concept of weather to Chintu – why? because here during the day it is sunny or cloudy and in the evening its rainy /thunderstorms/lightning – most days are like this for the past few days. Since he gets an opportunity to experience all these weather types, and keep in mind his curiosity , I chose this time to introduce this concept.

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