What I used ?

  • cotton balls
  • cotton pads
  • black chart
  • glue
  • syringe
  • food colour
  • small bowls

What I did?

  • Stuck the cotton balls and cotton pad on the chart paper. Added a few drops of food colour with water -dilute it , pour it into a small bowls.
  • Invite the child for play : Let the child fill the syringe with the coloured water and put it on the cotton balls and pads.

What was challenging for Chintu is the syringe. To fill and push it out back into the right place – using it for the first time, so he took his time to understand how it works.

Filling the syringe helps in development of small muscles in hands. To push it back into the right place help in development of hand-eye coordination.

Chintu had so much concentration. The activity lasted for 10 mins but it was good full 10 mins. And observed how the coloured water was being observed.

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