Hope you remember seeing this art work we did when we were at our native, a few weeks back – on our instagram page. This time when we went to our native we dint carry any of Chintu’s toys, it was just a short trip. One thing that we did was this – totally unplanned, a very successful activity.

What you need ?

  • A4 sheet
  • Black chart
  • punching machine
  • glue.

Draw the outline of a sheep on the A4 sheet. Invite the child for some happy play. Show the child how to use the punching machine. Let the child do some punching on the black chart. Once the punching is done, carefully take out all the punched pieces into a small container. Let the child use the glue to stick the pieces.  A very simple activity, but he was totally into this.

“Sing along as you create this piece of art” makes it lively. Talk to the child about various things related to the rhyme and the art work , that’s how you bring in some interest to the child, if you just blindly expect them to do the activity they might loose interest in between, as punching needs some patience. Improves the child’s fine motor skills. The child might need some help while punching, if you are doing it for the first time especially.

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