Chintu’s idea when I gave him straws for a different activity- he said he wanted to make a boat, no idea from where that popped in.

At first he tried bending the straw a little, he tried turning, twisting- tried all that he could. And then my mom called him to have his snack and his reply was “I’m trying to make a boat, Chintu is busy now, “ there was a pause , a long pause, trust me I kept myself back, dint want to interrupt and distract him — those few minutes was tricky for me.

A voice, a voice that I’m always there for called out – “ Amma” , I quickly responded, keeping myself calm, “yes Chinna” — he said : Draw a boat for me — I replied : How to draw a boat? — He said : hmmmm…I can tell you how to draw, you draw — I said : Why don’t you want to draw ? — He replied: I’m lazy…(pause), Maaa quickly draw I want to make a boat.

I grabbed a random paper and pen – started to draw following his instructions. His instructions where straight on point – I just had to follow, did no changes.

There he was set to work – he went picked a pair of scissors and a tape , and sat patiently observing the image – in less that an hour he did this simple and perfect “STRAW BOAT”.

Something all of you can try – “Use straws and create something “ and don’t forget to tag me on social media, I shall share yours.

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