Does your child like to crumple papers? Most kids love to make paper balls right, especially the pre-schoolers.

Let’s quickly make some art with these crumpled papers – this activity is inspired from the DIY Tie Dye Shirt.

Things Required:

  • Paper
  • Water colours
  • Paintbrush

How to create this crumpled paper art?

  • You can cut the A4 sheet into two equal halves, it will be easier to work.
  • Now, take one of those pieces and crumple it into a ball.
  • Let the child choose a colour and paint all around the crumpled ball.
  • Slowly unfold the ball
  • Crumple into a ball again to paint and cover the empty areas, paint with another colour.
  • Slowly unfold it again.

Repeat the last two steps many more times if you want to. Minimum of two times is a must, that will be minimum of two colours. It not necessary to cover every inch of the paper, try to cover the maximum you can.

Let the papers dry. And there is your beautiful art work.

Note: don’t use too much of water while painting as the paper will tear. If possible, you can replace the A4 sheet with thicker paper.

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