I drew some straight lines, caterpillar, curves, square, rainbow on a piece of paper. Used some colour, cotton balls and pegs.

Using the pegs to hold the cotton balls for better grip, cotton balls can be replaced by Pom Poms.

The activity was to print along the lines, in circles , between curves and do look at the end result. This boy completed the activity and continued doing it because he wanted to fill in all the blank spaces.


Any painting/art work done by these kids become a perfect masterpiece, I always enjoy Chintu’s work. Appreciate there work, let them show their work to everyone in the family, neighbours, friends anyone they wish to- it gives them happiness, encourages the kids to do more. Personally experienced this with Chintu.

Anyways this activity is great for fine motor skill development, mess free and its real fun to dab dab dab.

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