Now that we did this today, it definitely gets the be a part of his playroom (decor).

Hope this doesn’t require any explanation on how it has to be done, also Chintu choose only Pom Poms, he wasn’t interested to use any other materials-it was his call. I’ll just share a little bit about this activity.

Things used:

  • cardboard (cutout into the letter)
  • Glue
  • Pom Poms (you can use any decor material of your choice)

You can use any material other that Pom Poms — like glitter foam sheets, glitter, chalk/normal paint, leaves/flowers (also artificial one) , some home decor materials that are already available – Just anything you want. And trust me the child is going to have fun.

An activity that I had planned already, but on a different day, @artventuretales on seeing her kids do , I couldn’t hold back , also head to her feed to see what the 2 boys have done.

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