Yaaaayyyyy !!! The festival season is here. Everyone out there must be excited. Having kids around at home, how do you get to prepare for the festival? – Get them involved is the best way.

When we say Diwali it’s not just about crackers and sweets, it’s also about the beautiful lights. Here is the most simple and easy DIY decor hack, where you can involve your kids. Trust me the kids will be super excited after seeing the result.

Things you need ?

  • Transparent/Glass bottles
  • Water (optional)
  • Glow stick

How to make ?

  • Handover the glow sticks to the kids. Ask the kid to bend and snap the stick (along the entire length) – then ask the kid to shake them well – this is for the stick to glow. Do this process in light , don’t got to dark (just to make the child wait to see the end – for more excitement).
  • This step is optional: fill the bottle with water and drop the glow sticks inside. Seal it /close the bottle. It’s ready.
  • Now take the bottle into a real dark room to see the glowing bottle. The kid will be surprised to see the sudden glow. Chintu was super excited  it’s a huge hit at home. He has a glowing bottle in every room of the house now.

A very simply decor, with minimal things and easy to involve the child. Do give it a try.

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