Give a Hairstyle: Be a Hairdresser

give a hair style

Our Homeschooling journey has begun and we have been focusing on one topic this week that is “Community Helpers”. We are doing activities related to the topic and this is the first one that we did –“Give a hairstyle: Be a Hairdresser“.

We believe is learning through play and that is something that works for us. If you have known us for a while, then I’m sure, you know this by now. We started of the week with a simple activity which involves some creativity, sensory and fine motor skills (cut and paste. scissor skills).

What is this activity “Give a hairstyle”?

Pretending to be a Hairdresser, the child has to get creative and give a hairstyle to different people. For people I made a printable, just the faces of the people. You can download them here or quickly sketch one for yourself.

We aimed at improving the child’s creativity majorly, followed by motor skills, problem solving skills. Chintu had to decide what hairstyle will look good on the person, how it has to be, the texture, pattern, the colour just about everything- trust me this was an interesting part of the activity. Also, language skills, because he started making serious conversation with the pictures, stating that his hairdresser always spoke to him while styling his hair🤷‍♂️.

How did we proceed?

On a tray I placed the printables and in different small bowls I kept different materials along with a pair of scissors and glue, an invitation to play. He was also free to decide on materials that isn’t presented to him, if he wants an alternative to the ones given.

Here is what Chintu did to “Give a Hairstyle”

Style 1:

The first thing he did was ask for an alternative. He wanted to give the boy a black hair and the material wasn’t available for him. Hence, we chose to use tea powder which was immediately available for us.

The texture and smell is something both of us like. What was challenging for Chintu is to stick the tea powder in the right place. He took a pinch first and tried sticking it, after a few times he quickly realized that it was going to take him forever, hence started to take a hand full.

Style 2:

Crumpled paper for hair styling, interesting right. He decided the hair colour to be green and wanted to crumple the paper and then use. He said, “It will look cool on this girl”😜 Check out the look.

Did you notice the red yarn, that is a hair clip. We have done a Crumpled Paper Art earlier. It is completely different from this one, the outcome is unique with a great texture.

Style 3:

For this style, he took some time to decide. The colour and the material was chosen first and was sure of it, but to decide on how he wanted to stick, he did some trail and error. He tried a wavy pattern, he tried twisted and finally settled with just cut and paste. And he also decided to give the girl a hair cut. Here is the look.

We have more styles to add in, will share that soon. Now tell me which one of these three hairstyles is your favourite and why. Also, you are most welcome to share in more hair styling ideas for us to try😀

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