washi tape painting

Washi tape painting activity has been in my to-do list for a long time now. Today’s play idea was different, but Chintu asked for painting hence we did this today. Everytime I plan to do this activity with him it never happens, today it did and I am so happy with the overwhelming responses I received from all of you after watching the stories on Instagram today.

And the way it turned out to look was gorgeous. Art work by kids are always unique and beautiful in it’s own way right. I’m already looking for a place to hang this masterpiece at home.

Things you need to do washi tape painting :

  • Washitape
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • paper/canvas board (here I used a canvas board)

Steps to follow :

  • Stick the washitape to the canvas board
  • Start Painting, fill the board with colours, once done let it dry
  • Remove the washitape from the canvas board after the paint has dried completely

With older kids you can let them cut and stick the washi tapes all by themselves. Here , I did all the sticking work, Chintu helped with cutting the tape. He happily painted the complete canvas board. Choice of colours was totally his.

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