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I decided to do this activity because Chintu has been showing absolute laziness to brush his teeth in the mornings for the past 2 weeks. He does brush without throwing a tantrum but after 1 hour from the time he wakes up. Activity is our key to almost everything, and it has always worked for us. We discuss a lot of things, and both of us felt sorted. So, here comes our “DIY Tooth” activity.

Combining this along with our week’s topic “Community Helpers”. It’s about being a dentist this time. We made a DIY tooth, which is super easy to make. And we did two simple activities using the same.

Activities that help the child understand about dental health.


  • Plaster of Paris
  • one or more plastic bottles
  • water


  • Cut the upper part of the plastic bottle, we only need the bottom.
  • Now, in a bowl add 1 cup of plaster of paris and half cup of water. (add a little more water only if required)
  • The consistency : You should be able to pour the mixture.
  • Mix the two really well, leaving no lumps.
  • Pour the mixture into the bottle’s bottom piece.
  • Let it rest for an hour, once it is completely dry, slowly remove it out.

It is ready for play. And this is how perfect it looks.

diy tooth with just 3 things


We have used play dough (as cavity), a tweezer, toothbrush and DIY tooth. I placed small pieces of play dough on the tooth and asked Chintu to clean it (pretending to remove cavities). We spoke about healthy and unhealthy food, about cavities and germs.

diy tooth activity 1


Painted some germs on the DIY tooth, gave him a tooth brush and a small amount of tooth brush, later some water. Brush the tooth activity: he used some paste and water, brushed the germs out completely. We spoke about the importance of brushing our teeth.

diy tooth activity 2

Just two simple activities discussing some basic yet important topics.

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