While I was wondering what activities to set up in our shelf this week, popped in this idea – the concept of Transparent,Translucent and Opaque.

What is Required ?

  • 3 Cardboard pieces of equal size
  • papers (I have used clear plastic paper (transparent), white plastic paper (translucent) , thick black paper (Opaque)
  • Blade & Scale ( to cut the cardboard).

How to play ?

  • I asked Chintu to bring anything he likes from his figurines/car toy collection. He picked up a blue small car.
  • Placed it on the table, then asked him to try see the car through the DIY window made. (To use all the 3 one at a time)
  • I let him do this without explaining anything further. At first he dint utter a word, he was trying to understand, then he repeated the same, and he stated that he couldn’t see anything (opaque). Again repeated it for the third time – and he stated after using the first window “Car, I see a car” (transparent) : Second window , this he took sometime and then stated “ I can see the numbers on the car, but it’s not clear, I see the colour blue” (and he paused) , then said “ I can see very little through this window “ (translucent) : Third Window, straightaway he said “I can’t see anything” (Opaque) .

Now without me having to do anything, he understood the differences, all I had to do is just help him with the right terms.

  • I then slowly helped him with the terms for each window. (That’s all I did for today ).
  • Once he is sure with the terms or for older kids you can explain the concept further talking about the light passing through.

He also used his palm as an object to view through the window.

Special thanks to dear husband who made this DIY window for us.

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