Primary and Secondary Colours

Primary and Secondary colours

Today, Chintu found that secondary colours are created by mixing two primary colours. The joy of discovering this almost made his day complete today.

One beautiful thing about independent play is that the child gets to discover various things through play and celebrate their discover.

Chintu was playing with rainbow blocks today, that’s when he identified that the combination of two colours give a new colour. Taking advantage of the moment I introduced the terms “Primary and Secondary Colours”.

He had a few queries, so while discussing on it, I quickly set an activity for him to work on. A super simple activity that took me less that 5 minutes to set.

I also made sure that he gets to record the work he is doing. Why record? because that way it will be easier for him to understand the combinations.

Things used in this activity to understand Primary and Secondary Colours :

You can do this with magnatiles or make a DIY version of this using coloured transparent paper, I don’t know what exactly it is called. You can also do this using paint, which we will be doing sooner.

activity for primary and secondary colours
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