What is required ?

  • spaghetti
  • food colour

How to make/prepare ?

Method 1 :

  • Cook the spaghetti .
  • Drain if there is any excess water
  • split the spaghetti into different bowls/zip lock covers (depending on how many colours you want to make )
  • Add the food colour of your choice to all the bowls / ziplock covers. Do one at a time
  • Then mix it really well
  • Set it aside for 5-10 mins
  • Most important step- wash the coloured spaghetti in running water (cold water) 2-3 times to remove the excess food colour
  • Drain the spaghetti really well
  • Ready for use

Method 2 :

  • Add food colour to the water and cook the spaghetti in it. Only one colour at a time is possible. For each colour you need to cook separately
  • Once cooked drain it well
  • Ready to use

Fine motor development – Scissors skill: for toddlers just starting to use scissors, cutting spaghetti using scissors is a great option.

Sensory play : This is a super good option for sensory play. It’s got a totally different texture and the kids will love to mess with it. My boy had immense fun. He messed around so much and was super crazy. There is definitely a lot of cleaning to be done in the end, you can do it together

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