Most of the toys (infact every toy) can be used in different ways. Eg: A board puzzle once the child is outgrown you can use the puzzle pieces for various other activities, a stacker can later be used to teach the child the concept of big and small.

Here in this post I’ll share a few ideas to play using the lacing beads

  • Lacing/ Threading : For fine motor skill development (basic idea of the actual toy).
  • Identifying/learning/Naming Colours : Colour recognition • you can ask the child to name the colour of the bead as he is threading them • You can name a colour and ask the child to thread a bead of that particular colour.
  • Sorting : You can ask the child to sort the beads based on the colour or shape or design.
  • Stacking : The child can stack up the beads, every child loves to stack and break it down. Chintu’s favourite thing to do, he stacks every possible thing and breaks it down. Stacking randomly or stacking based on the colours is the choice of the child.
  • Sequencing : Threading/Stacking in a particular sequence, you can help the child out with that, you can make them simple cards that will help him with sequencing
  • Counting : The beads can be used for some basic counting, with older kids you can do some basic maths (addition/subtraction)
  • Pattern making : you can make some DIY pattern cards and ask the child to replicate it.

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