Very simple art – cut the egg carton in the shape of a Butterfly and I made some puffy paint for Chintu to paint the butterfly. First thing we did is that -we painted the body of the Butterfly together – helped him paint only the body. Then he was let to paint the wings as he wished. I used ear buds to mix the puffy paint but my toddler’s plan was to use it for painting. He did use ear buds and paint brush for painting. I was really surprised to see his focus to paint every part of the Butterfly and his patience to use ear buds to paint. In the end we are super happy with the outcome. I loved his choice of colours.

Also puffy paint has a different texture, it added a look to the butterfly.

Next time you have some egg carton at home don’t throw it away, instead cut it into any shape of your choice, and let the child paint

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