Montessori Three-Part Card consists of a card with the picture and word label (control card), a card with just the picture, and a card with the word label.

The activity is simply to match the picture to the picture and the word to the word.

How it has to be done ? 

  • First , lay out the control cards ( card with the picture and word label) and show the child how to match the picture and label to the control card.Match all the picture card to the control card, then match the label cards. Once done, you can ask your child to lay out the control cards and match the pictures and labels. They can check their work with the control card (even if they can’t read).
  • While your doing you can tell the child “what is what” for example : while placing the control card with leaves , you can say “leaves” , similarly with all the other cards (control, picture and label)

This helps in building vocabulary and in learning various concepts in different subjects.  

For the printable, click on the given link :

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