number sequencing

Never expected that this number sequencing activity to be a hit, but with Chintu it was. The image is self-explanatory I guess. Well, I shall just put it out below, just in case you need any guidance.

This DIY activity requires very few things, which I believe is easily available at every house.

Things required :

  • a piece of cardboard – rectangular or square
  • a few strips of coloured paper – we have used 10 strips (this is based on your requirement)
  • one thread/yarn/shoestrings
  • a marker

How to make this DIY Number sequencing board?

  • When you have the materials, it will take you less than 10 minutes to get this ready for play.
  • Using the marker write down the number on each coloured strip. We were learning number sequence 11-20, hence wrote that down.
  • Now, roughly decide where, in what position you want to stick the number and make sure all the numbers fit on your cardboard.
  • Also, make sure that there is enough space between the numbers for the child to comfortably thread through it.
  • Bend the coloured paper a little and make it like a ring, for the string to pass through. Make it big enough for the child not to get frustrated.
  • Once all the numbers are stuck down on the cardboard, you can invite the child for play.

How to play?

Give the child the shoestring and invite him to play, to lace through the numbers. Encourage the child to go by the number sequence.

The only thing about this activity is that the number rings that are stuck are not hard as any wooden or plastic threading toys. It’s just an extra challenge for the kid, it’s a little tricky for the child not to pull the number rings out. For older kids you can make size of the number ring smaller- any change if required depending on the age of the kid and need.

The child gets to work on number recognition, number sequencing and their motor skills – hand eye coordination develops.

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