A common question that I got from most of you is regarding Uppercase and Lowercase letters – do we work only on Uppercase or do we do both uppercase or lowercase.

We do both uppercase and lowercase letters together ( I haven’t shared any of our learning with lowercase in this space yet, as I want my complete focus on him) – to start initially I had sandpaper letters only for upper case , so for lowercase I used other alternatives, and now we have sandpaper letters for both.

I would suggest you to start with lower case letters or do both simultaneously. One at a time – when you are working with letter “M” do “m” also, work on it until the child is confident, don’t rush into the next. For each letter that you do – try and do at least an activity related to it.

Also once you are done with 3-5 letters or a particular group of letters (eg: Once done with Group 1 – jolly phonics) recall all of it for the next few days, before moving on to the next group.

Activity you see in the image : Group 1,2,3 and only ‘J’ from the next group – jolly Phonics .Match the uppercase and lowercase letters. I’ve used cardboard roll and dot stickers.

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