It’s been a few weeks since we started working on phonics. Some of you had asked me “Are you just starting” , one person even stated “ too late to start phonics” – Let me tell you what – “ I/We are in no hurry, I don’t want to force my son to learn or do something “ – I take clues from his responses and then decide on things , it’s that simple.

I started phonics with my son based on his interest and readiness, we are doing “one sound at a time” , when he is confident with the sound of a letter, then we move on to the next.

You might have seen in my insta stories the progress of our learning, do check my highlights incase you missed them or want an idea in the future- we did different activities for each letter.

Fill the letter – this is one activity that we did for “A,B,C,D” . All you need is some coloured pasta. On an A4 sheet draw/write the letters the way I did (image for reference) . Use the pasta to fill each letter, as you do say the sound of each letter.

• Helps in alphabet recognition, fine motor skill development & working on phonics.

Regularity is very important.

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