Bring in an empty basket and invite the child to collect some objects from in and around the house, put them all into the basket.

I asked Chintu to collect from his toy collection. And you need to begin with few objects, slowly as they get better you can increase the count of the objects.

Take the initiative if your doing it for the first or for the first few times. Narrate a story connecting all the objects, while you narrate consider your child’s suggestions/ideas. If he has nothing to say then don’t force, just pause at different intervals to see if the child wants to take over.

Once your done, ask the child if he wants to try narrate his story. Help when asked for. Initially you won’t see much of a story being narrated but gradually you will see what a creative mind your child has.

This story telling basket helps in improving the child’s listening skills, creativity, vocabulary/language development.

Do try it with your kids and share your experience. Share the wonderful stories with us.

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